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Jim and Ivie Baker have been hunting together for over 25 years. (Since 1986). Ivie started hunting with her Dad at age
15 (1985), traveling up to the U.P. for a whole week of hunting during the opening week of gun season. Ivie shot her
first two deer in 1988. Her first deer was a spike, shot on opening day at approximately 150 yards with a Marlin 30/30.
On the next day, she shot an 8 point at approximately 50 yards.

In 1986, Jim started going hunting with Ivie and her Dad and they haven't missed a season yet! Jim bought a Savage
30/06 that fall and headed north!

Ivie still hunts with the very same Marlin 30/30 that she was given by her Dad on Christmas day, almost 30 years ago.
She has taken several deer over the years. She took her last deer with that same gun at approx 180 yards, on the last day
of gun season in 2012.

Jim took his first deer (a 4 point) in Clare County in 1993 and took his second deer (a 7 point) in Houghton County in the
U.P. in 1997.

Both Jim and Ivie took up bow hunting in 2013 and have seen several deer, but nothing worthy of taking a shot at. 2013
proved to be a slow season for most hunters, despite the time that we put in the woods this year.
Ivie's second deer
Ivie's first deer
Jim's 1st deer
This photo was taken November 22, 1988
This was the second buck she had taken.
The buck was taken Nov 16th, 1988
This photo was taken November 15, 1988
The deer on the left was her first buck. Her
Dad took the other spike, earlier that morning.
Jim's first deer taken in Lake George, Clare
County, November 30th, 1992. Last day of
Jim and Ivie walk several 100's of acres every year and know what to look for
in a good hunting parcel. They make a point of walking every acreage parcel
they list for sale, to make sure they know as much as possible about the
property. This way, they can see the important aspects and features of the
property they have for sale. They also know what signs to look for, regarding
good hunting property.... especially for deer.

So, give Jim and Ivie a call and learn more about acreage in the Gladwin and
Clare county areas. You will be happy to have an acreage specialist working on
your behalf!
Ivie's common attire in the fall season.
deer trail
Jim having a little fun fishing on the west side of
Michigan in Sept 2013. King Salmon 28lbs!
Jim's second buck, taken up in the U.P. in
Houghton County in the late 1990's. (7 pt)
Jim & Ivie's son got his first buck during the youth hunt in 2013.
Even the dog was happy! Now he needs to try for something a
lot bigger!