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What is Acreage Going for in
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Between October 1st, 2013 and October 1st, 2014 acreage was typically selling from an average between $1440 to
$2900 per acre
. Long gone are the days of buying acreage for $500 - $1000 per acre. Pricing per acre will vary,
depending on the total amount of acreage being sold at one time, weather there is timber on the property, ponds,
rivers, lake frontage or if there are any existing outbuildings present on the property.

Typically, a nice
wooded 10 acre parcel may list anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 ($2000-$3000 per acre), with
$26,480 being the most AVERAGE SALES PRICE. If a 10 acre parcel has a very limited amount of timber, the value
of the land might be on the lower end of the scale, depending on whether it is tiled for farming or unimproved land.
The same is true for property with easement access, with no electricity available. Those factors may substantially
affect the land values. (There was one parcel that sold on M-61 for $15,000 and I didn't use that one in the statistics).

Currently, in October 2014, non-commercial 10 acre parcels are LISTED between $15,000 to $32,850. (Average list
price being: $25,139). Properties with limited timber or lack of access to power, will be on the lower price scale.

A nice wooded
40 acre parcel may list anywhere from $64,500 all the way up to $90,000 and possibly more if the
property has some unique features. The average SALE price for wooded 40 acre parcels (Oct 2013 to Oct 2014) was
$66,400 with only 5 non-waterfront parcels selling in the Clare/Gladwin area MLS. The sales prices ranged from
$60,000 to $87,000.

There was one 33.8 acre parcel on Clarwin that had a well and electric installed that sold for $75,500 ($1708.31 per

For 60 to 80 non-commercial/non-waterfront acre parcels, currently listed in October 2014, they are listed anywhere
from $1665 to $1998 per acre. Sales prices per acre in this acre range, were between $1000 to $1812 per acre.

However, large parcels between 100 to 120 acres faired MUCH better per acre, from October 1st 2013 to Oct 1st
2014. Their average sales prices for nicely wooded acreage was up dramatically! There were three large parcels that
sold in that time frame, between $1600 to $2249 per acre! Two of them had small hunting cabins on them, but since
the values of the ACREAGE far outweigh the value of the small, rustic cabins, I didn't deduct the values from the raw
land. The adjustment for the price per acre would be minimal.

Acreage butting up to state land seems to be a hot item these days. Many people are looking for their own private
secluded hunting or recreational paradise, to get away from their busy lives.

On average, prices have gone up in the last two years. Many land owners offering land contract terms, might ask a
little more for their property, because they are offering terms.

If you are seeking to purchase vacant property, you should expect that the bank or seller will require at least 20-25%
down payment. This is typical with most banks offering vacant land mortgages or land owners who offer land

If you are looking for a bank who offers mortgages on vacant land WITHOUT the buyer being required to build on the
property over a certain amount of time, contact Ivie Baker and she'll be happy to forward you some information on
some lenders who will finance vacant land.

(Information for these statistics came from the Clare/Gladwin MLS, October 1st 2013 to October 1st 2014)
Statistics for Acreage Sales October 1st, 2013 to October 1st, 2014
10 acre parcels are selling for
20 acre parcels are selling for
40 acre parcels are selling for
60-80 acre parcels are selling for
100-120 acre parcels are selling for
These statistics were pulled from the Clare and Gladwin County MLS. Acreage values will vary in different parts of
Michigan. These statistics should not be used to factor land values in other areas of the state. These values are based off
of 2013-14 sales ONLY! Please contact your local Realtor for an accurate market analysis for CURRENT property values.
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