Whitetail deer
JJ Saw Bucks specializes in creating DREAM HUNTING PROPERTIES, one property at a
time. They know what it takes to attract and keep deer on your property all year long. They
do everything from creating an ideal habitat for deer, turkey and other wildlife, to building
custom pole barns and tower blinds.

Make an appointment to tour their property in Gladwin County and see what they can do for
you! They have an amazing display of food plots, tower blinds, buck bedding areas, buck
scrape area, trails systems and a custom pole barn that will amaze you.
JJ Saw Bucks Wildrness Developers
Custom Octagon Hunting Blinds
JJ Saw Bucks can do all of this for you:

 - Habitat Development and Maintenance
 - Custom Octagon Tower Blinds (for a supreme view on all sides!)
 - Stand Placement and Repair
 - Food Plots
 - Roads and Trail Systems
 - Custom Pole Barns
 - Ponds
 Endorsement from Jim and Ivie Baker with Kehoe Realty of Gladwin:
 We were invited by JJ SAW BUCKS to tour their property back in the Spring of 2012. We thought that
we were just going over there to just see some food plots and trail systems they had created. After all,
there are several people who do those types of services in the area. However, we were AMAZED at
what we actually saw. These guys actually go ALL OUT in creating the ideal deer hunting property.
They have over 80 acres that they have developed into a DEER MECCA.... and that’s not exaggerating!

 What REALLY AMAZED us was their knowledge of what draws deer in and makes them STAY
THERE. I know that almost sounds crazy, but they have actually perfected several methods that
actually keep the BUCKS BUSY, staying on their property most of hunting season. They do everything
from creating strategic buck scrapes, fashioning ideal buck beds that bucks will actually use, install
contraptions that help bucks remove velvet from their antlers and more.

 They have a unique patent on a blind design that we've never seen before. They are octagon tower
blinds that offer supreme views on all sides. They custom build these blinds to their customers desires.
Anything from tinted glass to carpeted floors and walls. I swear, you could camp out in one of these all

 They also had several food plots strategically placed all over the property and trail systems leading to
all of them. They even create their own unique blends of seed for their food plots.

 You almost have to SEE IT to BELIEVE IT. We had to! You should to give these guys a call and set up
your own appointment to see what they do.

      ~ Jim and Ivie Baker
(C) Copyright 2013 - Kehoe Realty - Ivie Baker