Michigan Acreage For Sale - Vacant Land in Gladwin and Clare Counties
Marketing acreage properly is VITAL to making a sale at the highest price possible for each unique
property. Most agents don't do what is necessary to KNOW and MARKET a property, to get the
maximum results in buyer interest.

What do Jim and Ivie Baker do when marketing a vacant parcel of land?
How Do We Help Sell Acreage?

Vital Marketing Strategies for Selling Land
Kehoe Realty - Gladwin MI
Walking Acreage
Acreage Virtual Tours
We Actually Walk the Property Prior to Listing It!

You’d be shocked to know how many agents will list property and
never walk it. They simply put a sign up, put the listing in the MLS
and call it good. However, that  is NOT the case with Jim and Ivie
Baker. We feel that it is extremely important to walk the property
we are selling, so that they can describe it to potential buyers.
Buyers expect the listing agent to be able to describe the listings
they are advertising.
Virtual Tours!

Virtual tours are not just for homes! We feel that Virtual Tours are
VITAL for Acreage sales too! With most buyers starting their land
searches online, it’s extremely important for virtual tours to be
available for potential buyers to view. Virtual tours give the buyer a
better idea of what the land is like before they walk it. Virtual tours
include panoramic photos, still photos of landmarks, satellite views,
maps and wild game photos (if the seller provided them). Here is
an example of what a vacant land tour looks like:
Click Here
Lots of Acreage Photos
Acreage Web Sites
We Take LOTS of Photos!

We feel it is very important to take and use lots of photos. This
includes trails, buildings, trees stands, blinds and other valuable
features of the property. For hunting property, we will usually ask
the seller if they have any trail cam photos of deer or other wild game,
that we can use in the listing photos and virtual tours. These types of
photos will often peak a buyers interest when looking for a particular
parcel of land. (
We Post on Top Ranking Acreage Sites!

We have one of the top ranking Acreage web sites in the area!
Try searching for "Gladwin Acreage" or "Northern Michigan
Acreage" or "Mid Michigan Acreage For Sale" and
Acreage.GladwinRealEstateAgent.com pops up on the first
page in most searches.  Kehoe Realty also has several other web
sites that rank high on the search engines. Plus, it's also posted on
other real estate sites by syndication and by manual posting. Two
of the sites we manually input the listing onto is
We also posted on big sites like
Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com
(and many more).
Acreage and Land Magazines
We Post All Listings in the MLS

It's very important to have your property listed in the local MLS to
give it maximum exposure to other real estate agents in the area.
There are some agencies that are not  members of the Clare/Gladwin
Board of Realtors and buyers need to make sure to ask  their agent
whether they are a member of the local MLS. Kehoe Realty is a
member of the Clare/Gladwin MLS and posts in the Midland MLS,
for double MLS exposure!
Effective Print Advertising

We advertise in the Northern Michigan Properties Magazine
(also called the Real Estate Book which also has it's own web site:
www.RealEstateBook.com). We also advertise in the local news
papers and on fliers. However, we do find that online advertising
is the most effective means of advertising.
Walking with our Clients
Jim and Ivie are Hunter
We Like to Walk Property with Buyers

We like to walk the property with buyers, when ever possible.
This is a good practice to do, to help show the buyer the features
of the property. This way, we can show the property corners (if
the seller identified them) and other features and landmarks on
the property.
Jim and Ivie are both Hunters

Jim and Ivie have been hunting for over 35 years and know what to
look for in good hunting land. They are not afraid to take a hike
through the woods with customers and clients.
Kehoe Realty
Jim & Ivie Baker - Principal Brokers
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deer trail
Ivie Baker bow hunter
deer trail